Roofing Contractor in Central California

Durable Cool Roofs, Inc.

We have the knowledge and craftsmanship to meet and exceed your
commercial & industrial roofing needs

We Have the Experience

Roofing Contractor in Central California | Durable Cool Roofs, Inc.

Our team have installed thousands of square feet of roofing materials. From private packing houses to commercial cold storage facilities where temperature control is key, to maintenance and repair on government bases and facilities.

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Professional & Safe

At Durable Cool Roofs, Inc. we have a decade of experience working in strict compliance with industrial and commercial building safety standards in accordance to each individual facility safety requirements. Our staff is dedicated to work closely with on and off-site safety officials on all safety matters at every job site. We execute all written safety plans to the fullest extent, assuring that every job will be successfully completed on time and without incident.

Install & Repair

We provide professional installation of all types of roofing systems and are able to competently repair even the most difficult roof problems.

Commercial & Industrial

We specialize in meeting all commercial, industrial and government requirements of expertise and quality to provide only the most professional roofing solutions