Roof Maintenance in Fresno, CA

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Roof Maintenance in Fresno, CA | Durable Cool Roofs, Inc.

Ice damage, high winds, rain and snow will take their toll on any roof. And while you cannot know when these weather events will take place, you should know that you're prepared for them. Otherwise you run the risk of unexpected roof problems interrupting your business, causing unhappy tenants, disappointed customers and severe financial losses for your business. The good news is a small investment in a regular program of roof inspections and maintenance can help you avoid and minimize unexpected and costly repairs.

Our roof maintenance program is designed to take the worry out of roof asset management, while protecting and prolonging the life of your roof.

We have the knowledge and craftsmanship to meet and exceed your commercial & residential roofing needs in Fresno County

Install & Repair

We provide professional installation of all types of roofing systems and are able to competently repair even the most difficult roof problems.

Commercial & Industrial

We specialize in meeting all commercial, industrial and government requirements of expertise and quality to provide only the most professional roofing solutions